Icologiq Elements Suite

The benefits of a single central QHSE | GRC platform

All-in-one solution for safety and quality

Are you looking for a safety or quality system and would you like to digitalise improvement processes? Do you want to bring out the best in people and teams, and enable them to focus on core tasks? From a centralised point in the organisation, Icologiq elements allows you to facilitate process innovation practices.

We help you digitalise processes that aim to transform fragmented local solutions and spreadsheets into trustworthy and transparent enterprise solutions. The Icologiq Elements suite tackles challenges related to quality, health, safety, and environment within your organisation and operational management.

Elements Suite is user-friendly and reliable.

All-in-one solution for safety and quality
Key to success

Key to success

Icologiq Elements supports processes with the use of workflows, allowing individuals to automate repetitive processes. The platform sends timely reminders to users based on roles and rights, following up automatically on uncompleted tasks in the process. By dividing tasks throughout different departments within the organisation, digital processes become a long term solution, built on a sustainable foundation. Icologiq Elements operates according to the PDCAcycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and complies to all accepted quality norms such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, OHSAS and FDA.

Elements Suite is transparant, proactive and future proof.

Icologiq Elements Analytics

Smart reports to gain platform insights

Would you like to gain insights into the use of Icologiq Elements? How are your employees using the platform? Are they finding their way when following up, and which results derive from this? With Icologiq Elements Analytics, you are in control of this information, providing you with the opportunity to create reports at any given moment in time.

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Icologiq Elements as a Service

The advantages of QHSE processes in the cloud

Are you ready for a far-reaching solution to monitor and manage your Icologic Elements platform? Are the stakes high for your organisation to comply with norms and standards regarding data? Our complete hosting and server solution, combined with services and tasks that come along with it, take away this burden from you. We offer you certainty by telling you exactly where your data is stored, just like on premise software. This is, in other words, the best of both worlds!

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Icologiq Elements Mobile

Register and consult, anywhere and always

Do you want to be able to register inspection results or safety notifications at any given moment? Are your employees frequently on the road and is it important for them to insert or consult information from their given location, simply by using their mobile or tablet? Icologiq Elements Mobile enables you to add any type of QHSE notification, anywhere in the world, to Icologiq Elements.

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Modules Icologiq Elements

In the Icologiq Elements platform we offer extensive and easy to set up modules.

Step by step and modular for optimum results

Icologiq Elements is a modular system which can be easily set up and extended with multiple modules. Start improvement actions in Continuous Improvement based on preventive actions or change documents in Document Management if that is part of the improvement.

Step by step and modular for optimum results
Modular scaling based on need

Modular scaling based on need

The modules can Рaccording to the needs of your organization Рbe iteratively accommodated in the Elements Suite. Through the interim test moments you can share your insights and feedback with us and any changes in the design of the system can be realized on time.
Elements Suite is easy to use, effective and efficient.

Document Management

The right documents: safe and central

Do you want to easily find the most current version of that one work instruction, that one contract or that one template? With the Document Management module, you involve the entire organisation in the document management process and you safely manage, distribute and archive all business-essential documents at one place.

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Complaints management

Turn every complaint into an opportunity

Do you want to structurally convert complaints into opportunities? Both compliments and complaints are feedback from stakeholders and can benefit your organisation. With Complaints Management, you work on increased customer satisfaction and lasting customer relationships.

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SHE Management

Make safety a top priority in your organisation

Is the safety of your employees and their environment paramount? Commitment from the entire organisation is needed to make safety a priority. Register events quickly and uniformly, execute actions using a defined workflow and generate trend analyses, and progressand KPI reports to work safer and more efficient every day.

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Audit Management

To effectively improve your organisation

Do you want to coordinate and manage the audit management process centrally? Audit Management helps to simplify and structure the workflow, and supports the cooperation between staff to carry out audits. The module supports the complete audit process within your organisation from planning, preparation and implementation to creating audit reports and follow-up on findings.

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Compliance Management

Manage your compliance at one central location

Do you want to see the status and effectiveness of compliance measures in one overview? Is your organisation committed to making standards transparent and manageable at all locations? The Compliance Management module was developed to centrally manage the obligations of your organisation and have immediate insight into the current status.

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Continual improvement

Manage your compliance at one central location

Do you want to centrally record all improvement proposals or ideas within your organisation? Encourage innovation? This is all possible. Incidents, complaints or findings from audits may lead to improvement proposals. The module bundles relevant information, monitors timely follow-up on tasks and organises communication with stakeholders during the workflow.

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Management of Change

Give Change Management the right position in your organisation

Do you want to implement changes within your organisation in a controlled manner? Changes within your organisation or strategic initiatives can have serious consequences for stakeholders such as the environment, staff, customers and neighbours. The module supports the entire change process and allows you to implement changes step by step in a controlled manner.

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Risk Management

Total control over the risk management process

Risk management is a proactive business activity that provides insight into your organisation’s internal and external risks. By anticipating the risks, you can prevent incidents or complaints and thus save costs. Risk management is a proactive module, just like Training and Competence Management, in which actions are coordinated to keep proactively improving as an organisation.

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Training & Competence Management

Quality starts with competencies

Your organisation exists thanks to the people who work there. How do you make transparent what skills people have and should have? And how do you ensure effective monitoring in the field of training and competences? Focus on the competencies of your employees so they can improve the quality of your organisation.

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