Flexible QHSE software platform

Our quality management system is able to manage all kinds of data, but is also flexible enough to link to your other processes. We offer complete connection with all current Office packages such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Visio.

In addition, you can export all relevant data directly from the system to Excel files, making it easy to create input for BI tooling. Curious if we can connect to your current business processes? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Flexible system
  • Can be linked with Office products
  • Easily export data to Excel

Flexible QHSE software platform
Easily scalable

Easily scalable

Ons platform is volledig modulair op te schalen. U neemt bij ons alleen afΒ  wat u daadwerkelijk nodig heeft. Wij bieden een zeer compleet basispakket, optioneel met een breed scala aan configuratie- en uitbreidingsmogelijkheden. Met alle 9 modules van Elements in gebruik, heeft u alle mogelijke aspecten van kwaliteitsmanagement afgedekt. U hoeft zich dus nooit zorgen te maken of wij in de toekomst aan uw wensen kunnen voldoen.

Elements is ook eenvoudig uit te breiden naar uw andere (internationale) vestigingen, zonder extra inspanning. Wij groeien met uw organisatie mee, in het door u gewenste tempo.

  • You only purchase what you need (right now)
  • Very complete basic package, many expansion options
  • Total package for quality management
  • We grow with your organization, based on your needs

Attention & involvement

As a substantive knowledge partner we help you grow, but also sharing knowledge and experience with peers leads to new insights for you.

At Icologiq, we are very proud of our engaged customer community. For example, we organize meetings several times a year where you can provide input on the further development of our platform, and have the opportunity to share mutual knowledge. We also organize webinars and online sessions about new features, developments in the market and relevant current affairs.Β 

  • Your input is paramount in the further development of our platform
  • Mutual knowledge sharing with other community members
  • Free meetings and webinars

Attention & involvement
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Dutch Rail (NS) integrates its safety management systems with Icologiq Elements.

Huub van der Wouden
Program Manager Lean and Agile software development

The best performance & a fair price

The best performance & a fair price

You want a quality management system that always adds value, without having to compromise on quality. What you don’t want is waiting for custom development for months and then receiving a hefty bill.

Together with you, we install Icologiq Elements in minimal time, and scale up when necessary. This way you will always spend as little budget as possible on our services. Of course we offer our products at a fair, transparent and competitive price level.

  • Adds value without compromising on quality
  • Fast installation and fast turnaround times for changes
  • Fair and transparent pricing model

For now & in the future

It is important to consider the most appropriate long-term solution. After all, you do not want to be dependent on multiple suppliers for the control of your quality processes. That is why it is wise to choose one partner who offers the solution (s) that you need at the moment, but also in the future.

With the complete suite of Icologiq Elements you have covered all possible aspects of quality management. For you, this means that you never run into a ceiling, as you grow and further roll out your digital quality processes. Always one central point of contact for all your quality processes, fully integrated. In addition, all our modules work in the same uniform way, so that you and your employees only work with one software package and also only go through a learning curve once.

  • A central point of contact for all your quality processes
  • Easy to scale up
  • Short learning curve for all users
  • Always work in the same uniform way

For now & in the future
Internationally proven method

Internationally proven method

Do you operate internationally or does your future lie in the international roll-out of your products or services? With multiple international branches? And even if you currently operate on a national level, it is quite possible that you will operate internationally in the future, partly due to the relatively limited sales market in the Netherlands. For these reasons, it is wise to look for a partner who can meet your (future) international needs. And preferably a partner who also has a lot of experience with the international roll-out of a quality management tool.

Icologiq has amply proven itself as the most suitable platform for internationally operating enterprise organizations. We offer our software bilingual as standard, in Dutch and English. We also offer language packs in the most widely spoken languages ​​such as Spanish, German, Portuguese and French. You can choose a specific language preference per location. In this way you work optimally within our company on our platform in the language you want.

  • Can be used internationally
  • Ample internationally proven enterprise solution
  • Choice of many language packs
  • Optimal collaboration in your preferred language per location

β€œ...it makes employees feel more engaged while they get more pleasure out of their job.”

Erik Postma
Global Head of Quality Management and Environment, HM.Clause

Effective & fast implementation

You don’t want to wait for months while your supplier is devising, building and testing customized solutions for you. On the other hand, you don’t want a software partner who leaves a platform with your company, and then lets you sort everything out yourself. Not with the initial implementation, but also with interim changes and / or additions to your platform.

Icologiq Elements is equipped with everything a solid quality management system needs. Our platform is based on user experience. Additional options are also configured by default, so we no longer need to develop. As a result, we do not realize a basic implementation within 5 months, but often already within 5 working days.

  • Installation with knowledge transfer
  • Get started quickly and well prepared
  • No extra costs for basic training
  • Rapid implementation

Effective & fast implementation


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