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Hello, we are Icologiq, an expert in the field of digitizing quality processes. We do this with the help of our smart software platform: Elements. Icologiq was founded in 1998 under the Quality Online brand. Since then, we have continued to develop in those +20 years with the help of our committed customer community. 



We continue to improve our Elements platform every year based on user experience, trial and error and market developments. In 2019 we were chosen by the Chamber of Commerce as the top 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands. This is because our customers can work more effectively and efficiently, reduce their costs and demonstrate at any time that they comply with laws and regulations.

We use methods such as Lean startup, Agile and Scrum to collaborate purposefully and quickly with our clients. The human factor and a lasting relationship are central to our working method with customers. We help our customers to get a grip on all kinds of processes within their organization, from a local team or from an international organization. We advise and support organizations in the transition from their traditional quality systems to a digital eQMS, expert and decisive. 

We would like to meet you!

Are you curious if we can also realize structural and sustainable organizational improvements for your quality processes? Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to speak to you personally!

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