Quality Management – How to turn a Threat into an Opportunity

Quality is getting more and more important these days, especially within the food industry. Not only do the legislation and certification requirements get stricter, customers and the media are more critical as well. Erik Postma of HM.Clause explains how technology has helped with the quality management within their company.

It’s not easy to keep up. The legislation and the certification requirements around quality and food safety are constantly changing, making it challenging for companies to stay compliant. In addition, customers are becoming more critical. With the modern-day technology, news spreads fast. One recall of a certain product not only results in huge financial losses, it can seriously hurt your company’s reputation as well. In order to prevent all of this damage, it is important to properly manage quality within your company.

Fewer Complaints and Higher Customer Satisfaction

Technology can contribute to this challenge. HM.Clause, one of the world’s leading seed companies represented in over twenty countries worldwide, has implemented a worldwide digital Management System based on ISO 9001:2015 – the most used standard that sets out the requirements for a Quality Management System. This approach can be applied as an example for other organisations that have the ambition to integrate their QHSE- disciplines within one organisation-wide platform. In order to realize their ambitions, HM.Clause is working with all-round software platform Icologiq Elements.

Quality consists of a number of core elements, according to Erik Postma, Global Head of Quality Management & Environment at HM.Clause and Ruud Scheffer, Quality Management Consultant. Among these core elements are the implementation of suitable software, defining responsibilities, creating commitment and involving the people of the organisation. Building and implementing a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001:2015 core, creates clear processes detailed into procedures that define employee’s daily tasks and make these transparent within the company as well. Besides internal clarity, a Quality Management System also sets the tone for continuous improvement. This leads to a visible improvement in the financial results: the implementation of a quality management system is expected to lead to better functioning supply chains, fewer complaints and increased customer satisfaction.

About Icologiq Elements

Icologiq Elements helps you improve organisational structure and performance with world class features. The system, consisting of nine different modules such as SHE Management, Risk Management and Compliance Management, is structured in such a way that there is a connection between processes, procedures and work instructions. Icologiq Elements is an all-round software platform designed to make your work as convenient and safe as possible. By automating workflows, your organisation is able to respond faster and more effectively to changes. With Icologiq Elements, the need for quality management no longer forms a threat, but provides an opportunity to improve the safety and quality of your company which will also lead to better financial results.

Interested to learn how to build an effective quality management system for your company? Erik Postma and Ruud Scheffer have written a paper to describe how they implemented quality within HM.Clause. You can download this paper here (scroll to the bottom of the page).


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